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uk.comp.sys.palmtops is a forum for the discussion of any and all issues relating to the ownership and use of palmtop computing devices in the UK. The group is intended for PDA-type devices, not sub-laptop or other sized computing devices that run an unedited version of a desktop operating system. Cut-down systems such as Win CE are however within the remit of this group. The only software on desktop or laptop computers that should be discussed is that relevant to palmtop computing. This would include, but not necessarily be limited to, connectivity software, data conduits and emulation.

Advertising is forbidden in this group (whether for hardware, software, other goods or services). Posters wishing to buy and sell devices covered in this newsgroup are referred to uk.adverts.computer. A company reference in a signature not exceeding four lines is, however, acceptable.

Announcements of new and updated hardware and software relevant to this group from manufacturers or authors is exempted from this ban. Any announcement for a particular product is limited to a single posting, and should have the phrase [ANN]: clearly in the subject line.

With the explicit exception of x-face headers and cryptographic signatures (kept as small as possible), all encoded binaries are forbidden. Forbidden binaries include, but are not limited to: pictures, sounds, word processor documents and executable programs. All postings must be in plain text; HTML and other forms of formatting markup are not permitted. Pointers to external information sources (for example email, www: or ftp: URLs) are welcome.

Posters to uk.comp.sys.palmtops are encouraged to follow established netiquette (such as placing trimmed quotes before fresh text and using signatures of 4 lines or less) as described in the various regular postings to news.announce.newusers.

Cross-posting to or from other newsgroups is, as ever, discouraged. Cross-posting to and from the existing *.palmtops groups is expressly forbidden. The exception if the post is being redirected to or from comp.sys.palmtops.* and alt.comp.sys.palmtops.* hierarchies with follow-ups set appropriately.

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