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uk.comp.sys.mac is for the discussion of issues relating to Apple's Macintosh computers (Macs) in the UK.

Advertising is unwelcome, although a company reference in a signature not exceeding four lines is acceptable.

Individual offers of and direct requests to buy Mac equipment and software are unwelcome in uk.comp.sys.mac and should be placed in a newsgroup set up for this purpose, such as uk.adverts.computer.

Announcements that are of direct and specific relevance to UK Mac users are welcome provided that they are specific to the UK but not specific to one ISP, and are likely to be helpful to other UK Mac users. Routine commercial announcements are unwelcome.

With the exception of PGP signatures, the posting of binaries or other encoded data files is not permitted. All postings must be in plain text; HTML and other forms of formatting markup are not permitted. Pointers to relevant external information sources (Web or FTP URLs, for example) are welcome.

Posters to uk.comp.sys.mac are encouraged to follow established netiquette (such as placing trimmed quotes before fresh text and using signatures of 4 lines or less) as described in the various regular postings to news.announce.newusers.

Cross-posting to or from the comp.sys.mac hierarchy is unwelcome, unless directing a post to or from uk.comp.sys.mac and the comp.sys.mac hierarchy with follow-ups set accordingly.

Moderate cross-posting with good reason between uk.comp.sys.mac and other UK and Mac specific newsgroups is acceptable. `Moderate' should be taken to mean `not more than one or two other newsgroups'.

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