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This newsgroup is proposed for discussion of the Linux operating system, with its focus on aspects of its use in the UK.

Discussion of Linux distribution vendors in the UK, user groups, and other UK-related issues is welcome. Requests for help and discussion of technical issues is also welcome, but discussions of Linux kernel development should be held in the international groups, as this activity is coordinated over a wide area.


Short (<20 lines) announcements of events and advertising from manufacturers and resellers of Linux-related products (e.g. distributions) in the UK are permitted. Advertising aimed at a non-UK-specific audience is not permitted.


Binaries are not permitted, however references to FTPable material and WWW URLs are welcome. Short samples of source code (<30 lines) may be used to illustrate a point, but anything longer should be referenced by a pointer.

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uk.comp.os.linux	Discussion of the Linux operating system