Charter of uk.answers


uk.answers is a group for the cross-posting of FAQs and other regular postings made to the uk.* newsgroups, thus providing a convenient repository which is easily searched for information relevant to any uk.* newsgroup.

uk.answers forms part of the global news.answers system (which includes *.answers groups for many hierarchies). All articles in uk.answers will normally be crossposted to news.answers. However, it is required that postings to uk.answers normally be NOT crossposted from any further *.answers groups; this is to ensure that uk.answers is small enough that downloading the whole group will not be burdensome to servers of modest size.

The news.answers group, and all the other *.answers groups are moderated by unusual means, as described in the "Introduction to the *.answers newsgroups" <http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/usenet/news-info/news.answers/news-answers/introduction> and, in more detail, in the "*.answers submission guidelines" <http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/usenet/news-info/news.answers/news-answers/guidelines>. Articles in all the *.answers newsgroup are required to adhere to certain formatting requirements, including some extra "auxiliary headers" within the body of the article specifying, for example, an Archive-name and a Posting-Frequency. Once the format of an article has been approved by the news.answers moderators (this can be a lengthy process), permission is given for the author to post the article himself. Note that articles posted to the *.answers groups without the permission of the moderators, or which do not adhere to the agreed format, will be detected and are liable to cancellation.

Two additional services are provided by the moderators of news.answers. One is an optional service for having your article reposted automatically at the prescribed intervals (with proper Supersedes and Expires headers). The other is an automatic archival service which is replicated on many servers worldwide. The most convenient place to pick up the archives is at <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers>.

The name in the auxiliary Archive-name header of all articles posted to uk.answers will begin with "UK/".

Moderation Info

The moderator of uk.answers will be
Charles Lindsey <uk-answers-request@usenet.org.uk>
and the moderation submission address will be
Articles submitted directly to the moderators of news.answers will normally be forwarded to the UK moderator for attention. The moderators of news.answers have agreed to this arrangement.

The UK moderator is really a front-end for the news.answers moderators. He will normally vet the proposed format of the articles, agree an Archive-name with the author, and then submit the article to the news.answers moderators for final approval. The news.answers moderators will then inform the author about arrangements for regular posting in accordance with their standard procedures.

It is not the function of the UK moderator to determine what articles should and should not be approved for uk.answers. The sole criteria are that they meet the requirements for news.answers (namely they must be regular informational postings), that they are formatted correctly, and that they satisfy the additional cross-posting rules for uk.answers. In the event of warfare breaking out between the authors of rival FAQs, he may use his good offices to restore the peace, and may seek advice from the UK Usenet Committee as required.

Newsgroups line

uk.answers		Repository for periodic UK specific USENET articles. (Moderated)