Charter of uk.adverts.other

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This group is for offering items for sale or for advertising your desire to buy. This group can be be used for any goods or services which are NOT covered by other groups in the uk.adverts hierarchy. Those items should be directed to the appropiate newsgroup.

This is a UK newsgroup and should not be used by anyone attempting to sell to or buy from any other countries than those in the UK.

Posts should ideally:

Being more specific will clarify your request and will mean less wasteful posts from others asking for more information.

Binaries are not allowed although URLs pointing to binaries are encouraged. Job adverts are not allowed, these posts should be directed to an appropriate group in the uk.jobs hierarchy.

Commercial posts are allowed but must be short (less than 25 lines of text including signature). It is recommended that they contain URLs pointing to a web site or similar for full details. Commercial advertisers must make the commercial nature of the advertisement explicitly clear, and the posting should indicate the nature of the business concerned. All commerical advertisements must be identified by placing the word COMMERCIAL at the beginning of the subject line. Similar commercial posts should not be repeated more than once per week.

Discussion about posts should be avoided unless the discussion might be of interest or value to the rest of the uk.adverts.other readership. Otherwise, discussion should be conducted by email.

Newsgroups line

uk.adverts.other	Adverts in the uk for items not covered by other groups