Charter of uk.adverts.games.roleplay

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uk.adverts.games.roleplay is a group intended for advertising items relevant to roleplaying games (RPGs), both for private and commercial users within the United Kingdom. This would include, but is not limited to, adverts for the games themselves, magazines/fanzines about these games, props and clothing for Live Action Roleplaying (LARPs) (such as clothing, weapons and armour), models, the assorted paraphernalia required for gaming and any other relevant goods.

Shops (and other commercial outlets) who supply role-playing related good either to or within the UK may advertise themselves in this newsgroup.

The group is not intended as a discussion group for these items. Discussions relating to the adverts themselves, and the details therein, should be taken up in private e-mails with the advertisers. Discussions about the items being sold should be conducted within a more appropriate forum, uk.games.roleplay being an example. Discussions relating to changes to this charter, however, would be on-topic for this group, as would an FAQ, which would not be bound by the advertisements rules.

This group is not intended as an advertisements group for computer games which class themselves as roleplaying games. uk.adverts.computer currently exists to fill this role, and other groups may be created in the fullness of time. However, computer based game aids (e.g. map makers, character generators) for a Game Master or player are permitted, as these are relevant goods.

Cross-posting to this group is frowned upon, and cross-posting to uk.games.roleplay is strictly forbidden as this group is intended to allow adverts to be distributed without affecting the discussions in that group. Control <control@usenet.org.uk> is welcome to cross-post between the two groups when conducting official business of the uk.* hierarchy.

Encoded binaries (e.g. picture files, executable programs and so forth) are strictly forbidden, with the exception of cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP). It is asked that posters keep these signatures to the minimum length possible, for the benefit of other users. Pointers to binaries (e.g. a web page with a picture of the goods) are welcome, as web and FTP sites are more appropriate forums for these items.

All posts must be sent as plaintext. This specifically excludes any "mark-up" languages such as HTML (the format of web pages) or Rich Text Format (used by many word-processing programs). For a non-technical poster, this means that if your news program allows you to include different fonts, different sizes, different colours and so forth within a news posting, you will have to find out how to turn these options off. This restriction allows everyone to read all posts and minimises the size of posts, saving download time and phone bills.

All posters are warned that users of the group may report them to their ISPs for breaches of these last two points (especially binaries) and that many ISPs frown upon the posting of such things.

Advertising is, of course, most welcome in this group. All posters must stick to the following guidelines, however:

Auctions are also welcome in this group. Some people may find it more productive to handle this through e-mail, but use of the group is also valid. All auctioneers should tag their Subject: lines with [AUCTION] or [AUC]. All updates to an auction should follow the normal advertising rules, with these slight additions:

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