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uk.adverts.computer.mac is for commercial and private advertising of hardware, software, and services relating to Apple's Macintosh computers wanted or offered in the UK. uk.adverts.computer.mac will accept adverts relating to other Apple computers, such as the Apple ][, Lisa, and Newton.

With the exception of PGP signatures, the posting of binaries or other encoded data files is not permitted. All postings must be in plain text; HTML and other forms of formatting markup are not permitted. Pointers to relevant external information sources (Web or FTP urls, for example) are welcome.

Posters to uk.adverts.computer.mac are encouraged to follow established netiquette (such as placing trimmed quotes before fresh text and using signatures of 4 lines or less) as described in the various regular postings to news.announce.newusers.

Two types of posts are permitted in uk.adverts.computer.mac:

  1. Offers to buy, sell, or exchange: Note that the prohibition placed on software needing an emulator only applies to software that can run on none of the above computers without an emulator. This means that adverts are permitted for 68k Mac software that runs under emulation on PPC Macs; and Apple ][ software that can run under emulation on a Mac.
  2. Announcements of the close of an offer that had previously been made in uk.adverts.computer.mac. Such announcements must be posted as a continuation of the thread begun by the original adverts.
Adverts must follow these rules:

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uk.adverts.computer.mac	Advertising relating to Apple's Macintosh computers