Charter of uk.adverts.books

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The purpose of the group is for people to buy and sell books. All books can be bought and sold, whether they are new or old, although there are some restrictions made in the advertising section as to how the books are advertised.


Advertising is of course allowed with the following restrictions.
  1. Posters should not post more than 10 advertisements in any seven day period, and should not repeat the same advertisement more than twice in any seven day period. The reasoning for this is that if someone is trying to sell a lot of books, each book being sold should not be given a new thread. Otherwise the group would be too dominated by individual posters.

    Publishers and book-sellers are limited to three posts in any seven day period, and these posts should be kept as short as possible.

  2. Those posting to buy books should mark their thread title with the prefix WANTED: or WTB: The reasoning for this is so that it is clear whether posters are trying to buy or sell books.
  3. The group is mainly directed at selling used books, but advertisements for new books are welcomed, providing that the thread title is marked with the prefix NEW: . The reasoning for this is to enable users of the group to ascertain more easily what is available.
Pointers towards web-sites of relevance are welcomed.

Cross-posting is to be limited to a total of three group including uk.adverts.books. Cross-posts should only be made to other advertisement groups, and cross-posting to discussion groups is not allowed.

Posters are encouraged to set follow-ups away from uk.adverts.books.

Postings in uk.adverts.books must be either buying or selling of books. Posts requesting valuations are not suitable, posts criticising other posters are not welcome and nor is any other non-sales discussion about books. Personal insults of other users are not allowed.

For the purposes of this group, books shall be taken to include objects such as magazines, journals, newspapers, periodicals, leaflets and other related objects.

No binaries are allowed.

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