UK Usenet Homepages

Welcome to the homepages of UK Usenet, brought to you on behalf of the Uk Usenet Committee. We have tried to gather together here information, both official and otherwise, which should be of assistance to Usenet readers within the UK.

Newsgroups and Charters

Where can I find a complete list of the Newsgroups within the uk.* hierarchy, and where are their Charters? Answer: "here"! There are also charters provided for each sub-hierarchy in uk.*.

Useful information

Newsgroup Management Documents

Who or what decides which newsgroups officially belong in the uk.* hierarchy, and how are changes to this made? The following are the official documents which establish this. They are the nearest thing to 'legal documents' that you ever get in Usenet.
Creation Guidelines for Group Creation within the UK hierarchy
Voting Voting Procedures within the UK hierarchy
Committee The UK Usenet Committee

Comments If you would like copies of these documents in plain text format, there is a UNIX script undo-html which can convert (most of) them for you (not the "Useful Information" one though).

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